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A calming tonic for stress and anxiety in pets

Pets have the same stresses that cause human anxiety. Moving to a new home, the loss of a loved one, introduction of a new pet or family member can all trigger a stress response. Stress and anxiety felt by a cat or dog may result in destructive behaviours, loss of sleep or appetite, yowling or barking at all hours, especially due to separation anxiety.

E-Z Rest has been specifically formulated with these particular pet anxietys in mind. Suitable for both cats and dogs, E-Z Rest is easy to use with a better absorbed liquid formulation and a natural chicken flavour.

Suggested Usage

1-10 lbs  – 2.5 ml daily or as needed
11-20 lbs  – 5 ml daily or as needed
21-50 lbs  – 7.5 ml daily or as needed
51-100 lbs – 10 ml daily or as needed
>100 lbs – 15 ml daily or as needed

Shake well before use
Refrigerate after opening
If your pet is pregnant or nursing please check with your Vet before using this product.



Biota orientalis,
Zizyphus jujuba,
Polygonum multiflorum,
Albizia kalkora


120ml, 500ml