Gastra-FX Ultra Paste

Gastra-FX Ultra Paste

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Suggested Usage: 

Give 30-60cc 15 minutes prior to bridling Gastra FX is all natural and safe.

It can be used throughout competition.

Does not test in competition

Not recommended for mares in foal.



Marshmallow Root
Slippery Elm
Licorice Root
Ginger Root
Magnesium Oxide – Using Gastra-FX right before bridling has become the competitor’s edge for a happier more willing horse, by settling any stomach irritation immediately prior to competition and training. Now Gastra-FX Ultra is available in a convenient single serving paste format. Same great taste your horse craves but without having to bring the whole bottle to the show. 60 cc dial up syringe format, available in singles or in a 12 pack.