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500ml. Initially 15ml twice daily given orally for maintenance 15ml daily given orally

As with all herbal infusions, ingredients may settle in layers according to weight, shake well before use.

All natural and safe to use, as a natural herbal formulae

Does not test in competition.

Not recommended for mares in foal

Oral syringe included



Fraction 23
Sunflower Oil
Flax Oil
Mixed Tocopherols

Increases Appetite & weight gain.
Promotes long lasting stomach health.
Use for horses stressed from travel, competition or new feed
A cost-effective way to promote prolonged gastro-intestinal health without limiting essential stomach acid production
Always administer by dosing syringe

Specific Function:
Supports better prolonged stomach health
Stimulates appetite in horses who may be stressed from travel, competition, new surroundings or new feed