6-in-1  Mane and Tail Spray

6-in-1 Mane and Tail Spray

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This is one of my absolutely favorite grooming products used all year round, but especially great at the itchy twitchy time of year when their coat is changing.

This superb product is a multi-purpose spray with a unique formula for all your grooming requirements to keep your animal cleaner for longer. Manages outside interferences such as flies, fleas, dust, dirt, dandruff, flaky skin, and stains. The antiseptic spray conditions, shines and detangles, giving that extra sheen and resulting in a smooth and sleek coat. Can be sprayed directly onto affected and exposed areas.

  • Insects
  • Mane and Tail
  • Body Sheen
  • Dandruff/Flaky Skin
  • Wounds

Used by Internationals and Olympians.